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Enhancing Digital Presence and Boosting Conversions for a Pharma Business: A PPC Case Study


In this case study, we will examine the successful implementation of a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for a pharmaceutical business. The primary goals were to increase brand visibility, drive targeted traffic, and improve conversion rates. Through strategic planning, effective campaign execution, and continuous optimisation, the account achieved remarkable results, generating over 340,000 impressions, a high click-through rate (CTR) of 5.15%, and more than 1,800 conversions with a conversion rate of 10.5% since March. 


The main objectives of the PPC campaign were as follows: 

  • Increase brand visibility and reach for the pharmaceutical business. 
  • Drive targeted traffic to the website. 
  • Improve conversion rates and generate quality leads. 
  • Optimise campaign performance and maximise return on investment (ROI). 


Campaign Strategy: 

To achieve the desired objectives, the following strategies were implemented: 

Thorough Keyword Research: Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify relevant search terms, ensuring that the PPC ads would reach the target audience actively seeking pharmaceutical products and related information. 

Ad Copy and Landing Page Optimisation: The ad copy was meticulously crafted to highlight the unique selling propositions (USPs) of the pharma business, focusing on quality, safety, and effectiveness. Landing pages were optimised to provide a seamless user experience, encouraging visitors to take the desired actions. 

Targeted Campaign Settings: Careful campaign settings were implemented to reach the target audience effectively. Geo-targeting was used to focus on specific regions where the pharma business operated. Device targeting was employed to optimise ad delivery for mobile and desktop users. 

Ad Extensions: Sitelink and call extensions were utilised to provide additional information and encourage users to take immediate action, such as making a phone call or exploring specific product categories. 

Continuous Monitoring and Optimisation: The PPC account was regularly monitored to identify underperforming keywords, ads, and landing pages. Adjustments were made to bids, ad schedules, and targeting settings to optimise performance and improve ROI.



  • The PPC campaign yielded impressive results, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategies employed: 
  • High Impressions and CTR: The campaign generated over 340,000 impressions, indicating significant brand visibility and reach. The CTR achieved an impressive rate of 5.15%, demonstrating strong ad engagement and relevance to the target audience. 
  • Conversion Rate and Conversions: Since March, the campaign successfully drove over 1,800 conversions, resulting in a remarkable conversion rate of 10.5%. These conversions included actions such as form submissions, newsletter sign-ups, and product purchases, showcasing the campaign’s ability to generate quality leads and drive valuable actions. 



Through a strategic approach, meticulous optimisation, and continuous monitoring, the PPC campaign for the pharmaceutical business achieved exceptional results. With over 340,000 impressions and a high CTR of 5.15%, the campaign significantly enhanced brand visibility and engagement. Moreover, the campaign’s success is further validated by the more than 1,800 conversions and an impressive conversion rate of 10.5% since March. These results underline the effectiveness of PPC advertising in the pharma industry and highlight the importance of strategic planning and ongoing optimisation for maximising ROI. 




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As you may already know, there are an infinite number of things you can test on your site to help you increase sales.

As you may already know, there are an infinite number of things you can test on your site to help you increase sales. From layout to copy to design, there are limitless combinations of changes that may improve your visitor-to-sale conversion rate. But what’s “enough” when you’re just starting out? What elements should you focus on testing before rolling out your traffic campaign?

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