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Using Google Tag Manager for travel companies

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Tag Manager Travel Industry

Effective digital marketing is crucial for travel businesses to attract consumers in the fast-paced, competitive travel sector.

Tag Manager makes it easier to integrate and manage different marketing technologies, enabling travel agencies to streamline their processes, correctly collect data, and maximise their marketing initiatives. 

We share the advantages of using Tag Manager and the procedures needed to set it up for smooth marketing tool integration in the travel industry.

What does Tag Manager do?

With the help of Google Tag Manager, travel companies can manage and install different tracking codes on their websites without the need for a developer to add code. This helps save time, improve marketing campaigns, and have more control over data collecting using Tag Manager.

Marketing teams using Tag Manager are also able to add and update tags from other systems, including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, and more, making it a super handy marketing tool.

Advantages of Tag Manager for the Travel Industry

There are several advantages of using Tag Manager for travel companies including a user-friendly interface that makes organising and deploying marketing tags easier even for non-technical marketers. There are also some other great uses for Tag Manager:

  1. Quicker implementation– Compared to other tracking sites that require website code modification, Tag Manager allows marketers to quickly add new tags and update current ones. This means travel companies can adapt quickly to shifting marketing demands because of their agility.
  2. Tracking accuracy– Tag Manager is accurate at website tracking and data collecting as it offers a controlled environment for adding, changing, and testing tags. This removes the risk of human error by changing code or missing out on an important step in tag creation.
  3. Flexibility and Scalability– Without having to change the website’s source code, Tag Manager enables businesses to quickly add or delete marketing tags as needed. With less technical overhead thanks to this flexibility, travel agencies may grow their operations, improve their marketing mix, and experiment with new solutions.

How to Use Tag Manager

Step 1: Create a Tag Manager account

As with all Google products, you’ll need to register using a Google account to create a Tag Manager account. You’ll then be given a container code snippet to paste into your website code.

Step 2: Install the container code on your website

Every page of your website should have the container code snippet added, preferably before the closing tag. Tag Manager can then run any of the tags added to your website thanks to this code.

Step 3: Decide on the marketing tools and tags you’ll need

Create a new tag in Tag Manager and specify the required parameters for each tool.

Using the “Identify and Implement Marketing Tags.” option, you’ll be able to add new tags such as Google Analytics, new goals, conversion tracking and others.

Step 4: Test and publish 

Use Tag Manager’s Preview mode to test and verify that tags are firing properly once you’ve built them. Verify that tags are working and the data is being recorded then publish the container to make them visible on your website.

Step 5: Monitor and improve

Check your Tag Manager account frequently to make sure tags are functioning properly and data is being monitored correctly. Use the built-in debugging and error-checking tools in Tag Manager to resolve any potential problems. Adjust your tag arrangement as needed to reflect changing marketing objectives and plans.


Tag Manager gives businesses in busy sectors like travel the tools they need to maximise their marketing efforts online. It streamlines tag creation, improves tracking, and offers flexibility and scalability. It allows businesses to make data-driven decisions that propel success in the dynamic and competitive travel industry

Whether you’re new to Tag Manager or need some help with an existing account, our team is on hand to help. Get in touch with us today and find out more about how Tag Manager can help.