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Paid Social Media Advertising for Travel Businesses

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Social Media Advertising for Travel Businesses

Social media provides a great opportunity for travel businesses to build relationships with wider customer bases they couldn’t reach before. Using targeted campaigns, clever keyword research and remarketing tactics, travel companies can get their content in front of people they wouldn’t otherwise reach on social channels they love to use.

Social media advertising has become an important part of any good marketing strategy for the tourism sector, as it’s an extremely competitive market online. And working with a social media advertising agency that specialises in the travel sector can make all the difference in the world.

Our blog covers which platforms are great for the tourism sector and how paid social campaigns can accelerate growth for travel agencies.

Facebook advertising and tourism

Facebook is more than simply a social networking site; it’s also an investment for businesses. Facebook has billions of active users and offers an unrivalled opportunity to engage with brand-new audiences. It allows businesses to reach out to people who are interested in adventure and travel by targeting specific users based on their demographics. 

Using engaging videos, fun images and creative content, Facebook allows businesses to advertise subtly, blending in with their newsfeeds and encouraging people to like, comment and share.

LinkedIn Advertising for the travel industry

We know what you’re thinking- why would a travel company use a business platform to advertise on? But with over 740 million users, LinkedIn is another great platform to improve brand visibility and attract more clients.

Allowing targeted direct messaging, and personalised ads to specific demographics, LinkedIn is another great social channel that travel businesses can use to reach new audiences with the targeted advertising features.

LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to contact a large pool of prospective customers who are actively involved in professional activities related to tourism and travel, letting you market to relevant users too.

Capturing your audience’s attention is critical, as with all social channels, so it’s important to create compelling content that leaves an impact and encourages them to click through.

Things to remember when running social media campaigns

If you’re looking to invest in paid social advertising as part of your marketing campaign, make sure to create personalised ad campaigns that are tailored to your target audiences. 

Think about your company’s goals, target market, and unique selling points- is there room to create several campaigns at the same time? Being more targeted will likely generate more interest and engagement which hopefully delivers better ROI so it’s worth the extra time to set up more campaigns.

Next, ask yourself where you want to send your prospective new customers. Does the landing page copy match the ad campaign? The great thing about using social media like LinkedIn and Facebook to advertise is that you can target your audience by job title, location, and personal interests they’ve actively shared with the platform. Are you tracking web visitors correctly from the adverts? There are a lot of elements to consider when investing in social media marketing.

Social media advertising has been a game-changer in the highly competitive tourism sector and it’s set to continue to grow. If you’re looking to grow your travel business online, get in touch with our team today.